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We are a leading Mexican company in technological solutions for logistics and material flow

Comprehensive solutions for your business 


Solutions for control of fixed assets, assortment of products (picking), inventory control and sale en route.


Devices for data capture (handhelds and barcode readers), point of sale systems, printers and RFID.

Technical service

Preventive and corrective maintenance policies, extended warranty, repair, training and equipment installation.


Variety of materials for thermal labels and ribbons. Paper rolls and printing services for labels and badges

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Optimize the efficiency of your logistics processes.

The applications of AssistPro ADL® increase productivity and reduce information processing times using barcodes or RFID. Control your warehouse and your products from start to finish with our WMS software.

Take control of your Fixed Assets

Discover everything that our application Advance Assets can do for your company. Increase effectiveness and track all your assets by performing simple inventories and generating personalized responsiveness.

Print quality labels in warehouse and business

Implement powerful label printing solutions with the Loftware Nicelabel system. It is compatible with all makes and models of printer.

Ribbons and covers in Stock

Available stocks and preferential prices in:

Ribbons 800300-350LA
Honeywell EDA50K Cases

Why trust us and our solutions?

National recognition





In 18 years of existence, we have obtained various recognitions for sales volume of our main brands for data capture, standing out as providers of Integral Solutions (software, hardware, technical support and post-sale services)

International presence

Our software developments are currently installed in countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica. We offer and configure our products with enthusiasm and create long-term relationships with each of our customers.

Commercial and Technical Certifications


We like to serve each client with professionalism, which is why we keep ourselves updated and obtain commercial and technical certifications for the main products. RFID Solutions, Label Printers, Card Printers and Mobile Computing

Dynamic Solutions

We offer various brands and options for mobile computing, code readers, barcodes, printers and associated services for your business. Multiple manufacturers available to you. We generate a strategy according to your budget for implementation in your business.

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